WTF Cian?

Ireland and Leinster star Cian Healy has apologized after being asked to leave a flight from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town.

Cian Healy delayed his Irish team’s flight and was removed for failing to turn off his laptop before take-off.

An SA Express flight at the Port Elizabeth Airport had to make an about U-turn back to its parking bay shortly before take off on Sunday after Irish International rugby player Cian Healy failed to switch off his electronic device.

Healy, who plays for Leinster Rugby, was offloaded from the flight en route to Cape Town causing a 30 minute delay.

SA Express confirmed the incident and said that Healy had “failed to adhere to instructions given to him by cabin crew”.

Responding to questions sent, the airline said that Healy had “repeatedly ignored” safety instructions.

“The senior cabin crew member asked him, more than four times, to switch off his electronic devices and these instructions were ignored,” the airline said.

“SA Express will not compromise on safety or contravene the Civil Aviation Act. The team manager apologised for this behaviour as did Mr Healy. The decision was based on safety policies and procedures that govern the airline and is legislated by the state.”

Healy was accompanied by Leinster team manger, who disembarked the flight voluntarily, to assist the player in making alternative travel arrangements, SA Express said.

In a short statement, Leinster Rugby also confirmed the incident saying that the issue related to a misunderstanding around the use of a laptop during the approach to take off.

“Cian disembarked the plane and took the next available flight to Cape Town with the same airline. Cian apologised sincerely to all concerned at the time for any inconvenience caused. He re-joined the squad last night in Cape Town and trained today in Bishop’s College.”

Earlier Marcus O’Buachalla, Leinster Rugby Communications Manager, who said that Healy had been engrossed watching a rugby game on his lap top as part of his homework and he did not hear the request as he was using earphones at the time.

O’Buachalla said the next thing Healy was asked to leave the plane.

“What appears to have happened was a misunderstanding on his part. Cian complied with the air hostess and there was no issue in getting onto the next flight,” said O’Buachalla.

Leinster are in South Africa to play two PRO14 games.

The Irish club beat the Southern Kings 31-10 in their PRO14 clash at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on Saturday.

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